Kenwood 4.3L 1000W Kitchen Machine Prospero+ In Silver KHC29-J0SI

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  • Compact Design
  • 4.3L Bowl For Up To 36 Cupcakes
  • Durable 1000W Motor
  • 3 Bowl Tools

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  • Compact Design

    Compact Design

  • 4.3L bowl for up to 36 cupcakes

    4.3L bowl for up to 36 cupcakes

    Prospero+ includes a generous 4.3L Stainless steel bowl with the capacity to delicious food for up to 6 people, or up to 36 Cupcakes in 1 batch.

  • Durable 1000W motor

    Durable 1000W motor

    Durable 1000W motor for mixing light batters and kneading heavy doughs

  • 3 Bowl Tools

    3 Bowl Tools

    Prospero+ comes equipped with 3 bowl tools and a variety of different attachments included in pack.

If you’re just developing your culinary skills, or your a passionate cook who’s always short on counter space in your kitchen; Prospero+ is the perfect cooking companion to explore new flavours and techniques.

Prospero+ in Silver - KHC29.J0SI

Compact everyday mixing

With it’s compact footprint and ergonomic shape, Prospero+ is designed to maximise the counter space in your kitchen. This reliable mixer can help speed up your everyday meal prep and inspire you to try new recipes.

With a powerful motor and generous bowl size you can easily prepare delicious food for up to 6 people.

Prospero+ in Silver - KHC29.J0SI

Power through any recipe with ease

Whether you’re whisking up a light meringue or kneading a heavy dough, the powerful 1000w motor can take all the hard work out of your meal prep.

With our variable speed control and pulse function, you have complete control over your mix

Prospero+ in Silver - KHC29.J0SI

Attachments included

Prospero+ is more than just a mixer. Each pack comes with a selection of attachments included.

Chop, slice, grate, juice, blend and more; complete all your food prep in minutes with Prospero+


Attachments and capacities

  • Blender:Glass
  • Bowl attachment outlet:Yes
  • Citrus press:Yes
  • Dough hook :Yes
  • Food processor:Yes
  • K-beater :Yes
  • Whisk:Yes

General specifications

  • Body material:Plastic
  • Bowl material:Brushed stainless steel
  • Bowl tool material:Metal
  • Colour:Silver
  • Motor power (wattage):1000W
  • Speed:Variable + Pulse

Function and size

  • Electronic speed control:Yes
  • Total mixing action:Yes


  • Cord storage:No
  • Dishwasher safe parts:Yes
  • Safety interlock:Yes
  • Splashguard:Yes



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