Panasonic 1.5HP Premium Inverter R32 Air Conditioner CS-U13VKH


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  • 1.5HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 12,500 (3,140-14,300) Btu/h
  • nanoe-G
  • Inverter
  • R32 Refrigerant

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Premium Inverter Aero Series Air Conditioner
As part of our commitment in bringing you Quality Air For Life, Panasonic now introduces a full range of air design solutions consisting of 4 vital categories – Complete Air Solutions

Different cooling methods
Alternate between cooling methods and get the best out of your air conditioner

Shower Cooling – Concentrated Airflow, Further, Faster
The AEROWINGS is controlled by 2 independent motors and dual independent flaps. Airflow is delivered at a faster pace, spreading further at a concentrated level

Aero Slim Design
Classy tone with a soft, pearly glow. Chrome escutcheon with a sense of luxury

R32 Refrigerant – Sustainable Refrigerant
The commonly used refrigerants in air conditioning system contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depletion, consequently putting our environment at stake

Shower Cooling – Cool Comfort From Above
Stay cozy and relaxed in your living space without the constant cold blast to your skin and body. Say goodbye to excessive cooling


Model Indoor (50Hz) CS-U13VKH-1
Outdoor (50Hz) CU-U13VKH-1
Refrigerant Type R32
Cooling Capacity (min-max) kW 3.66 (0.92-4.20)
(min-max)Btu/h 12,500 (3,140-14,300)
EER (min-max) Btu/hW 12.38 (12.08-12.12)
(min-max) W/W 3.62 (3.54-3.56)
CSPF Wh/Wh 5.64
Electrical Data Voltage (V) 230
Running Current (A) 4.5
Power Input (W) 1,010 (260-1,180)
Moisture Removal L/h 2.1
Pt/h 4.4
Air Circulation Indoor m3/min (ft3/min) 11.1 (390)
Outdoor m3/min (ft3/min) 30.9 (1,090)
Noise Level Indoor (H/L/Q-Lo) (dB-A) 38/28/25
Outdoor (H / L) (dB-A) 48
Dimensions Height (mm) 295 (542)
Height (inch) 11-5/8 (21-11/32)
Width (mm) 919 (780)
Width (inch) 36-3/16 (30-23/32)
Depth (mm) 199 (289)
Depth (inch) 7-27/32 (11-13/32)
Net Weight Indoor kg (lb) 9 (20)
Outdoor kg (lb) 28 (62)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side (mm) ø 6.35
Liquid Side (inch) ¼
Gas Side (mm) ø 12.70
Gas Side (inch) ½
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length (m) 7.5
Maximum Pipe Length (m) 20
Maximum Elevation Length (m) 15
Additional Refrigerant Gas* (g/m) 10
Power Supply Indoor
Cleaner Air nanoeTMX No
nanoe-G Yes
Anti-Dust Coating No
Dust Sensor No
Odour-Removing Function Yes
Removable, Washable Panel Yes
Comfort Radiant Cooling No
Temperature Wave Yes
Inverter Control Yes
Quiet Mode Yes
Soft Dry Operation Mode Yes
Personal Airflow Creation Yes
Airflow Direction Control (Up Down) No
Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control No
Convenience 24-Hour Dual ON OFF Real Setting Timer Yes
24-Hour ON OFF Real Setting Timer No
LCD Wireless Remote Control Yes
Wireless LAN Remote Control For Internet Connection Yes (Optional)
Wired Remote Control Yes (Optional)
Reliability Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns) Yes
Blue Fin Condenser Yes
Long Piping (Numbers indicate the maximum pipe length) 20m
Top-Panel Maintenance Access Yes
Self-Diagnostic Function Yes
Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 70 × 93 × 45 cm



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