Samsung 75 Inch The Frame QLED 4K Smart Lifestyle TV (2021) QA75LS03AAKXXM


  • Modern Frame Design – Designed to look like aslim picture frame
  • Customizable Frame – Match your space with customizable bezels
  • Art Mode – When The Frame is off, beautiful works of art are displayed
  • 100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot – A billion shades of colour with Quantum Dot
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  • The Frame is mounted on the wall of a home interior and its modern frame design blends with the other picture frames on the wall.
    Modern Frame Design
  • Customizable Frame bezel is showing magnetic attachment capability of The Frame's Modern and Beveled bezel styles as well as the available Teak, Brown, Brick Red and White colors for each bezel style.
    Customizable Frame
  • Art Mode user interface image shows bridge and water picture being selected among various other artwork choices.
    Art Mode
  • Make your own TV

    * Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. The appearance, design and GUI(Graphic User Interface) specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice. * customizable frame sold separately.

    “looks amazing just sitting on the wall off. When the art is on it looks extremely real.”

    65″ Class The Frame ArtMode QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2020), Samsung.com

    * The images are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to provide better understanding.

    A man smiles for the camera.

    Everything a picture frame does for you, The Frame does more beautifully.

    Modern Frame Design

    The Frame’s minimalist-inspired design blends flawlessly with your interior. It’s slimmer, more toned and a monochrome finish on the back creates a sophisticated look from every angle. Connect the One Invisible Connection cable and discover what makes The Frame a modern masterpiece—on or off.

    The Frame is mounted on the wall of a home interior and its modern frame design blends with the other picture frames on the wall.

    More colours, More styles, More you.

    Customizable Frame

    Enjoy two bezel style options. Modern bezel style comes in White, Teak and Brown colours and the new Bevel bezel style comes in White and Brick Red. Simple-to-use magnetic application makes it easy to switch between colours and styles and find the right look for the mood you’re in.

    * Customizable bezels sold separately. Available colours and style may vary by region or TV size.* Customizable Bezel compatibility is based on bezel type. Modern type is compatible with the 43’~ 75′ range of The Frame TVs, while Beveled type is compatible with 65” and 55” models.

    Customizable Frame bezel is showing magnetic attachment capability of The Frame's Modern and  Beveled bezel styles as well as the available Teak,  Brown, Brick Red and White colors for each bezel style.Customizable Frame bezel is showing magnetic attachment capability of The Frame's Modern and  Beveled bezel styles as well as the available Teak,  Brown, Brick Red and White colors for each bezel style.

    In the box is an easy-to-install wall mount that keeps The Frame extra tight to the wall.

    Slim Fit Wall-Mount

    Like a real frame, the Slim Fit Wall-Mount brings The Frame flush against the wall. Once mounted, its swivel bracket allows you to rotate the angle of your TV to get it just right. You even have the option to hang The Frame vertically in portrait mode.

    * Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.* A small gap between the wall and TV may occur if wall is not 100% flat or is constructed off-angle to the floor or if installed incorrectly.* The actual angle when tilting may vary by product size.* Portrait mode is compatible only with 43′ The Frame with 32′ or 43′ Slim Fit Wall-Mount.

    The Frame which is hung on the wall with Slim-fit Wall Mount shows barely visible gap between TV and wall, as well as transparent One Invisible Connection wire.
    Closeup of One Invisible Connection cable shows its transparent material which greatly reduces its visibility.

    One Invisible Connection comes included with purchase.

    One Invisible Connection

    Get rid of messy wires once and for all. The single, translucent One Invisible Connection cable seamlessly connects devices to your TV. With up to 15 meters of freedom, you can finally find a more discreet place for your TV peripherals. Which brings us to the One Connect Box.

    * ‘One Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, translucent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.* Devices must be connected to One Connect Box.* Compatible devices only.* One Connect Box included with purchase of The Frame.* 5 meter One Invisible Connection cable is included with purchase of The Frame.* 15 meter One Invisible Connection cable sold separately.
    Closeup of One Connection Box shows its slim, minimalized design.

    One Connect Box, too

    One Connect Box

    Your external devices no longer have to be placed directly next to your TV. Instead, put them somewhere they can’t be seen so you can keep everything about your space looking neat and tidy.

    * Jack Port design may vary by region.

    One stand moves up and down, the other moves anywhere

    The Frame shows artwork and is using Height Adjustable Stand, illustrating its vertical height adjustability feature
which allows it to fit a soundbar underneath The Frame's screen.

    Vertical versatility

    Height Adjustable Stand

    The Height Adjustable Stand allows you to raise The Frame from the surface, leaving enough room to fit a soundbar.

    * Not compatible with all soundbar sizes. Please check soundbar size specifications.* Soundbar sold separately.* Distance of vertical movement is estimated based on internal measurements and actual distance may vary.
    The Frame TV which is showing a bridge and water scene is being held up using the Studio Stand accessory.

    Discover new places to showcase your style

    Stand Options

    With Studio Stand, you can move the TV away from the wall and experiment with all your creative layout ideas. As for the messy TV wires, Studio Stand lets you conceal them inside its leg so no matter where you place your TV, that’s all you’ll see.

    * Studio Stand sold separately.* Availability of Studio Stand may vary by region and TV size.* The Frame is only available with Studio Stand model number VG-SEST11K.

    Turn The Frame off and let your favorite artwork set the mood.

    Art Mode

    Turn the Frame off and watch it turn an amazing TV into to a private art gallery with the press of a button. Art Mode gives you the ability to showcase your personal art collection with an incredible array of curated creations—customized and controlled the way you like.

    * Art Mode(Smart Service) and GUI(Graphic User Interface) may vary by model and region.

    Art Mode user interface image shows bridge and water picture being selected among various other artwork choices.Art Mode user interface image shows bridge and water picture being selected among various other artwork choices.

    A world-class selection at yourfingertips

    Art Store

    Curate your own personal art collection with a growing library of over 1,400 pieces of artwork from world renowned institutions. From beloved classics to modern marvels to stunning photography, Art Store gives you unlimited access to a variety of content.

    * The Art Store may not be available in some countries.* Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.* Art Store subscription required to access full selection. Fees apply to subscription service.

    The Frame is being showcased between various artwork pieces.

    Senses your presence

    Motion Sensor

    The Frame automatically turns on to display your artwork when it senses you’ve entered the room. Leave the room, and it turns itself off to save energy.

    * Motion sensor can be activated in Art Mode settings menu.* Motion sensor is disabled in the following countries: China, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.* Motion sensor sensitivity may vary depending on lighting condition.

    Artwork, always in its best light

    Brightness Sensor

    If the rooms lighting conditions change, The Frame’s Brightness Sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness and colour, retaining the natural look and colour of on-screen visuals.

    * Performance may vary depending on lighting conditions.

    The effect of The Frame's brightness sensor is shown. On the left side, brightness levels of the on-screen artwork matches the brightness level of living room. On the right side, the brightness levels of the image is lowered to match the low-light setting of living room.

    A perfect frame for personal photos, too

    My Collection

    Artwork isn’t the only thing you can showcase on your TV. Send your photos to The Frame via smartphone or USB flash drive and share a masterpiece of your own making.

    * Personal photos uploaded to The Frame will be displayed at the original resolution. * 1200 image storage is based on a file size of 5MB per stored photo.* For best results when displaying personal photos we recommend image resolution of 4K (3840*2160) or higher.* Connecting phone to The Frame requires both TV and phone device to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. * Compatible devices only

    More personalization options for your art and photos

    A billion shades of colour with Quantum Dot

    100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot

    Quantum Dot technology delivers our finest picture ever. With 100% Colour Volume, Quantum Dot takes light and turns it into breathtaking colour that stays true at any level of brightness.

    * 100% colour volume measured in Movie Mode and to DCI-P3 colour space, certified by VDE.

    The Frame which is on Studio Stand is in a room full of white balloons. Only the balloons on the screen are visible in various vivid colours.

    It starts with a next-level, 4K AI processor

    Quantum Processor 4K

    The Frame is powered by Samsung’s own Quantum Processor 4K, an artificial intelligence engine and the result of over 30 years of world-leading semiconductor expertise. AI capabilities in both picture and sound allow it to learn, adapt and enhance to create a next-level viewing experience.

    The Frames screen is showing a high resolution image of an ocean wave during a sunset. Simulated to appear behind the image is a hardware design graphic where a processor chip with the logos of Samsung and AI Quantum Processor 4K can be seen.

    4 Not in 4K? Not a problem

    4K AI upscaling

    Scene by scene, The Frame uses machine learning to create a library of various visual data algorithms which it uses to restore the smallest of details, remove image noise and sharpen object edges and text. The result is a highly refined, 4K-level of realism and detail in everything you watch.

    * Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. Upscaling may not apply when connected to PC or in Game Mode.

    True-to-life, fade-free colours

    Colour Mapping

    The Frame’s Quantum Processor 16-bit colour mapping technology applies 3-Dimensional colour control and machine learning to drastically improve colour detail and contrast, making sure every colour is expressed accurately, even in bright scenes or settings.

    Auto-optimized picture in any lighting environment

    Adaptive Picture

    The Frame analyzes the brightness of the room based on four settings—dark, normal, bright, and extra bright—as well as the brightness level of your content and automatically adjusts the TV’s brightness and contrast settings accordingly so what you’re watching always looks its best.

    The Frame is divided into two parts. On the left side, there is a brightness meter graphic which shows the brightness level of the on-screen image being lowered to match the low-light setting of the room. On the right side, there is a brightness meter graphic which shows brightness levels of the on-screen image matching the brightness level of the room.

    Auto-optimized sound based on content type

    Adaptive Sound

    Anything you decide to watch, Adaptive Sound makes sure it sounds its best. Quantum Processor’s AI technology optimizes sound based on real-time audio scenic intelligence and automatically adjusts the sound mode to 1 of 4 sound modes including Dialogue, Music, Sport and Action.

    An audio properties graphic is seen above three content scenes including a singer singing, a man playing guitar and a ballerina dancing on the beach. Above each scene the audio properties graphic has a different appearance according to the type of scene.

    Auto-optimized sound based on location

    SpaceFit Sound

    Using data generated from The Frame’s built-in mic, SpaceFit Sound analyzes both the room’s acoustics but also its installation environment (Stand or Wall-mounted) and automatically applies the best audio settings. Put The Frame where you want and let SpaceFit Sound take care of the rest.

    Soundwave graphics projecting from wall-mounted TV are spreading across the living room interior to demonstrate SpaceFit Sound room-analyzing capability.

    Two-toned backlight, double the colour realism

    Dual LED

    With an additional set of warm tone LEDs, The Frame’s Dual LED backlight expresses more sophisticated colour tone combinations in your visuals, bringing every scene to life in full colour realism, enhanced contrast and improved viewing angles.

    Do more from home with The Frame


    Turn The Frame into a professional workstation

    PC on TV

    There’s so many ways to stay productive from home with The Frame. It automatically recognizes your office PC, letting you use it right on your TV. Screen share directly from a nearby PC or laptop. Simply connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and see how easy it is to work from home.

    * Remote connection to a PC is only supported for Windows 10 Professional or higher edition and Mac OS 10.5 or later.* Auto-recognition of office PC requires Easy Connection App installation on a PC (Not supported on Mac OS).* Easy Connection to Screen App feature support may differ according to model type and date. Please refer to the product specifications of each model for availability.* Connecting smartphone with Samsung Dex requires a compatible mobile device.* Availability of services is subject to change without prior notice.* Internet connection on TV and PC is required.

    A woman is using her office PC to do work on her TV screen at home. On the screen of The Frame are various office productivity windows.

    More ways to connect instantly

    Mobile Mirroring

    Want to continue your video call on a bigger screen? With SmartThings on your Android device or Apple AirPlay on iPhone, your smartphone can be mirrored on The Frame for a bigger, better video chatting experience.

    A man is in a living room and using his TV screen to video chat with various people. Beneath his TV is his smartphone device which shows the same video chat. The logo for Samsung SmartThings and Works with Apple AirPlay are displayed.

    * This service only works when TV and mobile are turned on.* Apple and AirPlay 2 are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later.* AirPlay 2 functionality is available on all 2020 and later Samsung smart TV.

    A customizable multi-screen experience

    Multi View

    The Frame lets you watch 2 screens at the same time, so you can workout while streaming your favorite show or movie. Connect your smartphone and make sure you’re doing the exercises accurately. Customize video size and audio options and take full control of what and how you watch.

    * Requires compatible Android OS or iOS smartphone and SmartThings app download and installation. Please refer to support page for details on compatible mobile devices* 4-screen Multi View is supported on 8K models. * Landscape view supported on 43’~75′ The Frame models. Portrait mode not supported.

    A woman is working out in front of her TV. On the TV screen she can see a screen of herself as well as the screen of the fitness trainer and below the TV her smartphone camera is capturing her workout so she can see it on the TV screen.

    Home entertainment, the smarter way

    Smart TV Powered by TIZEN

    Your home’s all-in-one content and connection portal, SmartTV brings you a world of content that goes beyond the viewing experience with smarter ways to connect, search, control and enjoy all that entertains you. Below, are just a few of the ways SmartTV elevates your everyday experiences.

    A father and his two children are enjoying The Frame which is mounted to Studio Stand. On the screen is the Universal Guide user interface menu which the girl is controlling with One Remote. The Smart TV Powered by Tizen logo is visible.

    * Smart services and GUI (Graphic User Interface) may vary by model, region, language, mobile devices, or TV product.* A Samsung Account is required to set up the TV.* Actual user experience may vary.* Some features and functions provided by connected devices may not be supported or limited to use.* Turn-on TV feature support may vary by model.

    Connect your phone to the big screen with just a tap

    Tap View

    Don’t feel like listening to music through headphones or phone speaker? Give The Frame a light tap with your smartphone and watch Music Wall visualizations add ambience to your room while your music is played through the TV speakers for an enhanced visual listening experience.

    * This service only works when TV and mobile are turned on.* Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 and higher.

    A mobile device which is playing music is being held very close to The Frame.

    First-of-its-kind innovative Eco Remote does away with batteries

    Solar Cell Remote

    The Frame automatically detects your external devices so they’re ready to use the moment you connect them. Use One Remote for easy control of all your connected devices and don’t worry about changing batteries—solar cell technology allows it to be charged by your indoor lights.

    * 32 inch of The Frame is excepted. * SolarCell Remote contains about 24% recycled content.

    Simulated battery charging wave graphics are beneath the Samsung One Remote to illustrate that it is recharging from indoor lighting.



    • QLED


    • LS


    • Screen Size75″
    • Resolution3,840 x 2,160


    • Picture EngineQuantum Processor 4K
    • PQI (Picture Quality Index)3400
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)Quantum HDR
    • HDR 10+Certified
    • HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)Yes
    • ContrastMega Contrast
    • Color100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot
    • Micro DimmingSupreme UHD Dimming
    • Contrast EnhancerYes
    • Auto Motion PlusYes
    • Film ModeYes


    • Dolby Digital PlusYes
    • Dolby 5.1 DecoderN/A
    • Object Tracking SoundOTS Lite
    • Q-SymphonyYes
    • Audio Pre-selection DescriptorN/A
    • Hole Array SpeakerN/A
    • Sound Output (RMS)40W
    • Speaker Type4CH
    • WooferN/A
    • Multiroom LinkYes
    • Bluetooth AudioYes

    Smart Service

    • Samsung SMART TVSmart
    • Operating SystemTizen™
    • BixbyUS English, UK English, India English, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, BR Portuquese (features vary by language)
    • Voice InteractionN/A
    • Far-Field Voice InteractionN/A
    • Multi Voice AssistantN/A
    • Google Assistant Built-inN/A
    • Works with Google AssistantN/A
    • Works With AlexaN/A
    • TV PlusN/A
    • Web BrowserYes
    • SmartThings App SupportYes
    • SmartThingsN/A
    • Samsung HealthN/A
    • Universal GuideN/A
    • GalleryYes


    • TV to Mobile – MirroringYes
    • Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNAYes
    • NFC on TVN/A
    • Tap ViewYes
    • Digital ButlerYes
    • Multi-Viewupto 2 videos
    • Sound WallYes
    • Remote AccessBasic
    • 360 Video PlayerYes
    • Bluetooth Low EnergyYes
    • WiFi DirectYes
    • TV Sound to MobileYes
    • Sound MirroringYes


    • Digital BroadcastingDVB-T2
    • Analog TunerYes
    • CI (Common Interface)N/A
    • Data BroadcastingHbbTV 2.0.2


    • HDMI4
    • USB2
    • Component In (Y/Pb/Pr)N/A
    • Composite In (AV)1
    • Ethernet (LAN)Yes
    • Digital Audio Out (Optical)1
    • RF In (Terrestrial / Cable input)1/1(Common Use for Terrestrial)/0
    • Ex-Link ( RS-232C )N/A
    • CI SlotN/A
    • HDMI A / Return Ch. SupportYes
    • eARCYes
    • HDMI Quick SwitchYes
    • Wireless LAN Built-inYes (WiFi5)
    • BluetoothYes (BT4.2)
    • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)Yes


    • DesignBrand new the Frame
    • Bezel TypeVNB
    • Slim TypeSlim look
    • Front ColorBLACK
    • Stand TypeSIMPLE
    • Stand ColorBLACK
    • Speaker Jersey ColorN/A

    Additional Feature

    • Adaptive PictureYes
    • Active Voice AmplifierYes
    • Adaptive SoundAdaptive Sound+
    • AI StreamingN/A
    • AI UpscaleYes
    • Auto RotationN/A
    • Art Mode (The Frame)Yes
    • Motion Detection (Frame)Yes
    • AmbienceAmbient Mode+
    • Brightness/Color DetectionBrightness/Color Detection
    • Portrait ModeN/A
    • Accessibillity – Voice GuideUK English, Mandarin Chinese
    • Accessibility – Learn TV Remote / Learn Menu ScreenUK English
    • Accessibility – OthersEnlgarge / High Contrast / Multi-output Audio / SeeColors / Color Inversion / Grayscale / Sign Language Zoom / Slow Button Repeat
    • Digital Clean ViewYes
    • Auto Channel SearchYes
    • Auto Power OffYes
    • Caption (Subtitle)Yes
    • Connect Share™ (HDD)Yes
    • ConnectShare™ (USB 2.0)Yes
    • EPGYes
    • Extended PVRYes
    • FreesyncFreeSync Premium Pro
    • G-SYNCN/A
    • Filmmaker Mode (FMM)Yes
    • IP ControlYes
    • OSD LanguageLocal Languages
    • BT HID Built-inYes
    • USB HID SupportYes
    • Teletext (TTX)Yes
    • Time ShiftYes
    • V-ChipN/A
    • IPv6 SupportYes

    Eco Feature

    • Eco SensorYes
    • Energy Efficiency ClassN/A


    • Power SupplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption (Max)290 W
    • Power Consumption (Stand-by)N/A
    • Power Consumption (Energy Saving Mode)N/A
    • Power Consumption (Typical)N/A
    • Peak Luminance RatioN/A
    • Yearly Power Consumption (EU standard)N/A


    • Package Size (WxHxD)1839 x 1113 x 207 mm
    • Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)1682.3 x 998.5 x 315.8 mm
    • Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)1682.3 x 960.4 x 26.9 mm
    • Stand (Basic) (WxD)1042.0 x 315.8 mm
    • Stand (Minimum) (WxD)– x –


    • Package Weight50.4 kg
    • Set Weight with Stand35.6 kg
    • Set Weight without Stand35.0 kg


    • Remote Controller ModelTM2180E
    • Batteries (for Remote Control)N/A
    • Samsung Smart Control (Included)Yes
    • Optional Stand Support (Y20 Studio)N/A
    • Optional One Connect Cable SupportYes
    • Vesa Wall Mount SupportYes
    • Customizable Frame Support (The Frame)Yes
    • User ManualYes
    • E-ManualYes
    • ANT-CableN/A
    • Power CableYes
    • HDMI CableN/A
    • Slim Gender CableYes



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