Samsung 20W POWERstick Essential with EZClean Technology VS60M6015KG

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  • Extreme Suction Power: Surprisingly powerful, thorough cleaning
  • EZClean Dustbin & Brush: Easily removes tangled hair, any dust or debris
  • Easy Handling: 180° Swivel Brush allows it to turn swiftly and sharply around corners and obstacles

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  • Extreme suction power
    Extreme suction power
  • EZClean Dustbin & Brush
    EZClean Dustbin & Brush
  • Easy Handling
    Easy Handling
  • CycloneForce™

Surprisingly powerful, thorough cleaning

Extreme Suction Power (2x more powerful)

Delivers suction power of 20 airwatts which is 2 times stronger than conventional models*, so it powerfully picks up dirt and hair. It’s powerful 18V Lithium-Ion battery also ensures that it works for up to 80 minutes** without recharging, so you can easily clean throughout your home.

Surprisingly powerful, thorough cleaning

* Based on internal testing compared to the conventional Samsung VC-LSS94 in accordance with the IEC testing method. ** Using 2 batteries, which have been fully charged for X hours.

Easily & cleanly remove tangled hair

EZClean Dustbin & Brush (EZClean Technology)

EZClean Technology lets you easily and hygienically remove dust or debris, including long hairs, that may be trapped in the dustbin or rotating brush. To empty the EZClean Dustbin you simply pull a lever and tip out the contents. And the EZClean Brush can be pulled out to quickly remove any dirt.

Easily & cleanly remove tangled hair

Extra agile turning, extra easy movement

Easy Handling

An Easy Handling design lets you move and clean much more easily and with little effort. The 180 degree Swivel Brush can turn swiftly and sharply around corners and obstacles, and its Big Wheels ensure a smoother and more stable motion without tipping over, as they roll steadily with minimal effort.

Extra agile turning, extra easy movement

2-in-1 flexible cleaning for more areas

Works as a Stick it’s ideal for cleaning large floor areas, but it can become a Handheld simply by lifting off the detachable cleaning pod. So it’s much lighter and easier to move around, making it great for cleaning hard to reach areas.





Long-lasting battery power with a touch

18 V Removable Power Pack Battery

A powerful 18 V Removable Power Pack Lithium-Ion battery ensures longer-lasting power, providing up to 40 minutes of cleaning time*, and is very lightweight for easier handling. It can also be replaced with one touch, so you can quickly switch to another battery and never have to pause the cleaning.

* Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on individual use.

Long-lasting battery power with a touch

Leave it standing upright anywhere


A convenient self-standing design means it can stay upright on its own without being in a cradle or leant against the wall or furniture. So if something urgent happens or you want to take a break you can leave it standing up anywhere. And it also makes it really easy to store when you’ve finished.

Leave it standing upright anywhere

Easy to find & use built-in accessories

Built-in Accessories

Dusting and crevice cleaning accessories are built-in to the handle, so they never get lost and are easy to use. Whatever or wherever you need to clean you can quickly switch to the best tool without wasting time having to look for it or attach it – so you can enjoy fast, non-stop cleaning.

Easy to find & use built-in accessories

Durable & easy to clean washable filter

Durable & Washable Filter

A durable and washable sponge type foam filter captures dust and can be easily cleaned by hand with water. So it’s easy to maintain the optimum cleaning performance, as a quick rinse is all it takes to prevent the filter from clogging, which ensures powerful suction that lasts – and great results*.

Durable & easy to clean washable filter

* Based on internal testing. Regular filter washing is required for optimal performance. Refer to the user guide for details.

Slim, light and easy to move & store

Slim & Lightweight Design

A slim and lightweight design means it’s simple to control and move when you’re cleaning and can be easily stored, even in a narrow space. Weighing just 2.7 kg it takes much less effort to drag and maneuver it around the home. And its slim body ensures that it can fit into much smaller storage areas.

Slim, light and easy to move & store


  • Dust Capacity0.25 ℓ
  • Max Consumption Power120 watts
  • Weight2.7 kg

Dust Collection

  • TypeCyclone Force
  • Dust Capacity0.25 ℓ

General Information

  • Cover ColorNeutral Gray


  • Max Consumption Power120 watts
  • Running Time (min)13 minutes
  • Running Time (Max)40 minutes
  • Noise Level83 dBA


  • Battery TypeLi-ion
  • Voltage18 V


  • MainEZ Clean Brush


  • Accessory 12-in-1
  • OthersLong Crevice tool


  • ExhaustNo
  • Pre-MotorYes

Convenience Feature

  • EZClean Dust BinYes

Physical specification

  • Dimension260 x 1,100 x 165 mm
  • Dimension (Package)281 x 694 x 181 mm
  • Weight2.7 kg



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