Sharp 1.0HP AIoT J- Tech Inverter Plamacluster Air Conditioner AHXP10WHD


  • 1HP
  • Powerful Jet – Powerful strong airflow blowing vigorously downwards
  • Plamacluster ions – High density ions which clean the room air powerfully and quickly
  • Easy clean mesh filter dust is easily removed for simple cleaning
  • Auto operation mode the temperature setting and mode are automatically selected according to the room temperature
  • Gentle cool air system provies cold air traveling up the ceiling during cooling operation in order to abvoid direct airflow


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Cool Pure Air

Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster Ion technology has been proven to remove airborne bacteria, suppress airborne viruses, break down and remove airborne mold and other contaminants.

Plasmacluster Ions
Purify the Air in the Room

Plasmacluster tehnology is proven effective in suppressing the activity of airborne microbes and viruses. So enjoy quality moments with your family in a pure, clean and fresh environment.


Equipped with a wind clean system which is full of ingenuity to clean the interior of the air conditioner. Breathe with confidence from a clean air conditioner.

70 Million Units Sold Globally

Products equipped with Plasmacluster ions have exceeded the 70-million unit mark. Sharp will continue its effort to bring the benefits of Plasmacluster ions to every air space.

Sharp AIoT

Bringing convenience to your life.

Learn and adapt your daily routine and control your air conditioner in a smarter way.

AIoT is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) meets the IoT (Internet of Things). Appliances with AIoT connect to a cloud-based AI and get in sync with your daily life. SHARP AIoT senses, thinks, and suggests the operation that will provide the outmost comfort for your individual lifestyle.

Smart Control

Control your air-conditioner via a smartphone even when you’re away from home. Walk right into a comfortable home by turning on the air conditioner just before arriving home. You can also easily adjust the air volume wind direction and timer settings.

Observe Room Conditions

Sharp Air app enables you to observe the temperature and humidity of the room anytime and anywhere to help you to find the most suitable setting for your room.

Energy Usage and
Maintenance Alert

Sharp Air app allows you to view and monitor your air-conditioner operational usage to get a better use out of your air conditioner. It even lets you know when to perform the cleaning service.

AIoT Eco System

SHARP AloT recommends the optimal operation based on your daily schedule to operate in the most energy-efficient manner based on the AI calculations.

Energy Saving

Sharp’s Air Conditioners save up to 65%* energy with J-Tech Inverter and Eco Mode.

*Based on the Eco Mode and Inverter operation.

Fast Cooling

Sharp air conditioner’s unique design with a dual long panel delivers a powerful flow of cool air that rapidly lowers the temperature in the room by 5°C in just five minutes. Sharp air conditioner can also be set to a temperature of 14°C – the lowest in the industry. This improved cooling capacity serves to keep you optimally refreshed.

Quality Assurance

Protected with 7 Shields Japan Quality assurance.

Specification (-)
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 9,000 (3,070 – 12,400)
Power Input (W) 710
Running Current (A)
CSPF (Wh/Wh)
Star Rank 5
Annual energy consumption (kWh) 789
Power Supply (V-Hz) 220-240V / 50Hz
Air Volume (m3/min)
Noise Level dB(A)
Dimension (mm) – Indoor (W×H×D) 877 × 292 × 222
Dimension (mm) – Outdoor (W×H×D) 598 × 495 × 265
Net Weight (kg) – Indoor
Net Weight (kg) – Outdoor
Refrigerant R32a
Pipe Diameter (inch)
Pipe Length (Min-Max) (m)
Maximum Chargeless Length (m)
Maximum Height Difference (m)
Outdoor Unit AUX10WHD
Features (-)
AIoT Yes
Plasmacluster Ions Yes
Super Jet Mode
Turbo Mode
14m Long Airflow Yes
15m Long Airflow
Motion Sensor
130V Operation Yes
14°C Temperature Setting Yes
4-Way Auto Air Swing Yes
ECO Mode Yes
Baby Mode Yes
Quiet Operation Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Breeze Mode Yes
Self-Cleaning Yes
12-Hour On/Off Timer Yes
24-Hour On/Off Timer
Auto Restart Yes
Dual Drain Setting Yes



Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 168 × 70 × 99 cm

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