LG 1HP – 2HP Lite Series Air Conditioner with Dual Sensing and Fast Cooling function


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1HP / 1.5HP / 2HP
Dual Sensing
Fast Cooling
Auto Swing
Smart Diagnosis
24 Hours On/Off Timer
AC with Dual Sensing

EAN: SKU: S3-C09HZCAA / S3-C12HZCAA / S3-C18HZCAA Categories: ,

Dual Comfort around AC and Me, with Dual Sensing

Dual Sensing can sense the temperature not only around the AC indoor unit, but also the remote controller to ensure the precise and optimal temperature setting which you want.The wind of the product is distributed in a wide area.

AC with Dual Sensing
The user feels uncomfortable because the wind of the product is distributed in a small area.

AC without Dual Sensing
Fast Cooling

Just One Click to a Cooler Room with Jet Mode
Get the fast cooling power that you need with a click.

The air conditioner is operating on the wall.

Auto Swing
Evenly Spread Out the Comfort Air across Your Room
Auto Swing evenly distributes the air so it’s comfortable in every corner of the room.

The air conditioner is operating on the wall in the living room with big window on the left and cool air from the air conditioner is spreading out.


1.0 HP, 1.5 HP, 2.0 HP



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