Samsung 360L – 476L Top Mount Freezer with Optimal Fresh+


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RT35CG5442B1ME / RT38CG6444B1ME / RT42CG6444B1ME / RT47CG6444B1ME

404L / 427L / 476L
Optimal Fresh+
All-Around Cooling

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More space inside
Store more food in a spacious interior with 20 liters more capacity*. Unique SpaceMax™ technology uses special high urethane insulation that enables the walls to be much thinner without compromising energy efficiency. So it creates more space inside.

* Based on the RT47CG6644S9ST compared with the RT43K6230S8/ST models.

The door of the RT6300C is open. SpaceMax™ from inside to outside of the product is indicated by an arrow.
99.99% less bacteria* on the air filter
Active Fresh Filter (* Optional)
Keep the fridge clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of food being contaminated. An Active Fresh Filter* eliminates 99.99% of bacteria** on the filter’s surface. Air passes through an activated carbon filter, so it is sterilized and deodorized, while an anti-bacterial mesh eliminates bacteria.

* Available on certain models.**Tested by Intertek. 99.99% of Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli.

Built-in Active Fresh Filter eliminates bacteria and keep the inside air fresh and purified.
The refrigerator motor with digital inverter technology gives a 20-year warranty.
Efficient compressor
Digital Inverter Technology
Enjoy great energy efficiency, little noise and a long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. So it’s quiet, uses power efficiently and keeps working for a long time, backed-up by a 20 year warranty* on the compressor.

* 20 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.
The sleek exterior of the fridge gives a clean look to the modern kitchen, with a flat finish.
Sleek & modern look
Give your home an elegantly sleek and modern look. The clean and contemporary design features strikingly beautiful flat doors with a premium silver deco around the edge and recessed handles that don’t protrude. So it will fit seamlessly with kitchen appliances and enhance the look of your home.

The canned drinks are icy cold in a Power Cool mode.
Fast cooling on demand of food & drinks
Power Cool
Enjoy a rapid cooling performance to chill food and beverages fast. At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge. You can quickly cool your weekly groceries to lock-in their freshness and flavor or rapidly chill your favorite drinks for a party or dinner.

The inside of the refrigerator is visible and cold air spreads through every storage space.
Cools evenly from corner to corner
All-Around Cooling
Take food storage to a new level of optimized cooling and preserve freshness effectively. Advanced All-Around Cooling continually checks the temperature and circulates cool air through strategically placed vents. So every item on every shelf and in every box is kept at the optimum temperature.


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360L, 404L, 427L, 476L



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